2011 Consolidation Efforts



In response to the 2011 retirements of Bill Gregory, the Town's long time Building Inspector, and Pat Lofaro, the Town's long Superintendent of Environmental Conservation and Central Garage, who was also in charge of maintenance for Town Hall and the YCCC, the Town Board decided to reorganize several functions in order to save money and increase efficiency. The financial aspects of the reorganization plan were incorporated into the 2012 budget that was adopted in December 2011, and included the following changes.


Building maintenance

The budget consolidated the maintenance staffs of three separate departments, under four separate department heads (Mr. Lofaro, the Library Director, the Police Chief and the Court Clerk) into one maintenance unit within the Building Department under the direction of the new Building Inspector.


Environmental Conservation & Central Garage

Rather than appoint a new person as head of this combined department, the Town Board decided it could save approximately $100,000 by assigning managerial oversight of both departments to David Rambo, currently the Water Distribution Superintendent, and give Mr. Rambo a stipend for taking on the additional responsibility. Mr. Rambo had previously supervised recycling and garage functions in another Westchester town and he was already supervising the auto mechanic in the Water Department.

In January, 2012, and without any public discussion, the incoming Town Board scratched both plans.


Building maintenance

On February 7th, in a series of budget transfers, the Town Board de-consolidated the maintenance function, returning one maintenance worker to the library budget under the supervision of the Library Director, andtwo maintenance employees to the police department budget to be supervised by the Police Chief and Court Clerk.

In response to a question from the public, it was revealed that supervisory responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of Town Hall and the YCCC had been given to the Town's Human Resources Specialist.


Explaining the rationale for the change, Supervisor Grace said that the change was the result of lots of discussion and the concern not to dilute the duties of the Building Inspector; he wanted to see the Building Inspector doing what he was supposed to be doing instead of mopping floors. Councilman Murphy said the return to the deconsolidated approach offered more checks and balances. In response to Councilman Patel's questions who would keep track of things if there were leaks, Supervisor Grace said he planned to have an inventory done of each building and that the Building Inspector would make himself available as a resource to the other departments.


Environmental Conservation and Central Garage

Until the March 20, 2012 Town Board meeting, there had been no open public discussion of who would be in charge of these two departments, although, by default, it had become clear that it would not be Mr. Rambo. And although "central garage" was listed as an agenda item for the board's January 10, 2012 meeting, the topic was discussed in a closed executive session.

In the absence of any new appointment, the department's Senior Office Assistant Automated Systems, one of the two support employees in the department, has informally acted as the department's interim head.


On March 20th, the board voted unanimously to give the Senior Office Assistant a stipend of $275 per week, or $14,3000 for the year, retroactive to January 1st, while she served in an interim capacity.Asked what her job title would be, the Supervisor said that the town was still in discussions with Westchester County civil service over a proper job title for the person.


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