Understanding the Town Budget


1. The component parts of the Town budget


2. The Supervisor's Tentative Budget


3. How to calculate your Town tax bill


4. A summary of the Town Board's November 8 & 9 review of the Supervisor's Tentative Budget


5. A summary of the Town  Board's November 20 continued review of the Supervisor's Tentative  Budget


6. Tentative changes in the Supervisor's Budget discussed on November 20

(Note: The document reflects a potential 2% change in the special district fee. The  Board eventually voted only for a 1% change. The document also includes the salary increases for elected officials and department heads.) 


7. Commentary: A Look at the Supervisor's Tentative Budget


8. Commentary: How a Tax Increase Becomes a Tax Reduction


9. Special District Administrative Fees


10. Winner and Losers in the Town Tax Bill (5/3/2013)