What You Can Do



How much longer are you willing to pay the taxes for other property owners?

  • The owners of 15 houses owe the taxpayers of Yorktown $995,040.
  • Two, and possibly a third, of the houses are vacant.
  • The owner of one house owes $167,135 dating back to 2004. Another owes $60,245 dating back tro 2003. A third house, currently vacant, is owned by a corporation that owes $66,723.

Supervisor Michael Grace has said that he's not going to throw anyone out of their homes and that we have to "work with" these property owners.


But these owners have had over a year to pay their back taxes or make other financial arrangements. How much more time are you willing to give them?


What criteria would the Town use to determine which property owners should be given more time?


Will the Town review their tax returns, evaluate their medical history, or make judgments on life styles and how people choose to spend their money?


And what about these properties?

  • The occupied commercial building on Route 6 that owes $94,198 in back taxes dating back to 2006.
  • The private swimming club that owes $40,528.

If you believe that the Town has given these property owners enough time, then call or email Town Board members and remind them that their job means looking out for all taxpayers, not just some. 


Supervisor Michael Grace                     962-5722, ext 271          supervisor@yorktownny.org

Councilman Nick Bianco                       962-5722, ext 418          nicgin245@aol.com

Councilman Vishnu Patel                       962-4563                      vishnuv@optonline.net

Councilman Terrence Murphy                557-0402                      tmurphy@yorktownny.org

Councilman Dave Paganelli                   804-5196                      dpaganelli@yorktownny.org