How Your Town Taxes are Calculated


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Your total "town tax" is a combination of the taxes for the ADL funds (General, Highway and Library) and each of the special districts you're in.


The tax rate for each district is shown as a percent per thousand dollars of assessed value.


Using the tax rates in the 2013 Preliminary Budget, if you know what your house is assessed at, you can apply the following rates for each $1,000 of your assessment.

      Town                 $ 144.72

Water                  13.28

Refuse                  403.91    (per household)

Sewer                    varies    (see the Budget book for each rate)

ALS                             3.77

Open Space           30.00


From the Preliminary Budget, on a house with an assessed value of $10,000, the taxes, in dollars, would be:

Town                  $1,447.19

Water                      132.84

Refuse                      403.41

Sewer                     varies  (see the Budget book for each rate)

ALS                              37.69

Open Space               30.00



Final 2013 tax rates as shown on the 2013 tax bill and taxes on a house with an assessed value of $10,000

Tax                          Rate                   Tax

Town                 $145.36           $1,453.63

Water                    11.73                 117.28

Refuse                  400.92                400.92

Sewer                    varies                  varies

ALS                             3.78                  37.83

Open Space           30.00                  30.00