Update: In 2012, the Town Board rejected the concept of a DPW and the idea died. While the web site shown below is no longer available, anyone interested in learning more about a DPW can contact Susan Siegel at bookhunterpress@verizon.net.  The link below to "2011 Consolidation Plans" is still active.


Yorktown Citizens for a DPW

The group believes that Yorktown's current structure of independently operating departments is unable to meet the challenges of the years ahead in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The first step towards creating a DPW is for the Town Board to adopt a local law that replaces the position of highway superintendent with a DPW, followed by a referendum on the law on November's ballot.

The law would go into effect only if it was approved by a majority of the voters.

Yorktown Citizens for a DPW believes that all the voters of Yorktown, not just five people, should have a say in how they can control their taxes.

Once the Town Board has set the referendum in motion,Yorktown Citizens for a DPW will organize an informed community dialogue on the pros and cons of the issue.

For earlier efforts to save taxpayer dollars by consolidating departments, see  2011 Consolidation Plans