Some Questions That Need Answers


Emergency Notification System

  • Has the Town decided to scrap the system, and if so, who made the decision, when and why?
  • During future emergencies, how does the Town plan to communicate with residents who don't have electricity, smart phones, iPads or laptap computers?
  • If the Town scraps the system and uses the remaining grant money for another purpose, will that hurt the Town's credibility when it applies for future project specific grants?


Emergency Command Center

  • Why does the the Town need a permanent dedicated meeting space for an EOC that will be used infrequently, and hopefully not at all?
  • Why can't the police HQ be used as an EOC?
  • Who made the decision to set up a permanent EOC facility in the court?
  • What and where are the plans to modify the court space and who prepared and reviewed them?
  • How much will it cost to set up an ECO facility in the court -- and where will the money come from? 
  • Has there been any discussion of other possible Town uses for the court space?


For answers to these and other questions about the future of the Emergency Notification System and Emergency Command Center,

Call or email the members of the Town Board