The Next Steps

Collecting the remaining liens


2008 Foreclosure Proceeding: Possible next steps


Special note: The 2013 Assessment Roll, which is used to determine 2013 taxes, is set on June 1, 2012. Therefore, if the Town Board wants to avoid having to pay 2013 taxes on certain properties, e.g., roads and road widening strips, it must act before June 1st. Property declared parkland after June 1, 2012 will not be removed from the tax roll until 2015.


Different measures are needed for the different categories of properties. These are some options.

1. Roads/Road widening strips (15 parcels)

a.   Take title to the properties by completing the foreclosure process.

b.   Remove the parcels from the tax rolls.

c.   Erase the liens.

2. Dock lots (3 parcels)

a.   Decide if the Town should keep these parcels, or possibly sell them to adjoining property owners.           

b.   As appropriate, complete foreclosure process and/or sell parcels.

c.   Possibly, review status of other town-owned dock lots.

3. Vacant parcels (22 parcels)

a.   Refer parcels to Conservation Board for recommendations. (Advisory Committee on Open Space has already reviewed the parcels.  See ACOS recommendations)

b.   Decide which parcels Town should keep and which to sell.

b.   As appropriate, complete the foreclosure procedure, and/or sell certain parcels.

4. Swimming pool parcel (owned by a corporation)

(As the Town Board has already voted to take this parcel out of the 2008 foreclosure proceeding, these may be the only options left)

a.   File an alternate type of judgment that would allow the Town to recoup some money while leaving title to the property, and liability, in the hands of the current owners.

b.   Enter into an installment agreement if the corporation can show that it can make pay off the liens within the required 24 month timeframe.

c.   Explore possible buyers for the site.

4. Houses and commercial parcel (16 parcels)

a.   Notify property owners of the Town's intention to complete the foreclosure process and sell the parcels at auction on a specific date

b.  Give property owners until some date certain prior to auction date to redeem liens.

2009 Foreclosure Proceeding: Next steps

(The redemption period ended February 29, 2012.)

1. Review the remaining parcels on the list and follow the procedures outlined above for

    the 2008 foreclosure list.


2. Ideally, if any parcels are to be sold, they could be added to the 2008 list.


Moving the process alongWhat you can do.