How the Town Spends Our Tax Dollars

(aka Yorktown's Procurement Policy)


Every December, the public has an opportunity to comment on the proposed Town budget for the following year.  Typically, the discussion focuses on the increase in the tax rate with possibly a few questions about specific expenditures. 


Rarely has the discussion focused on what the Town can and has been doing to save money by obtaining the best possible prices for the goods and services it purchases.


This may change, however, as the current Town Board has expressed interest in revising several aspects of the Town's current Procurement Policy, the policy that sets down the procedures departments must follow before they can spend money. Amendments to the existing policy are done by a Town Board resolution and do not require a public hearing.


Adopted in its current format in 2010 in order to comply with the findings and recommendations of the New York State Comptroller's audit, the policy has been modified twice to address specific procurement issues.


Major changes currently under discussion or being considered include:

  1. adopting a "best value" local law that would enable the Town to give preference to Yorktown vendors, regardless of price
  2. substituting local bids for state or county contract bids
  3. instituting different bid thresholds for different departments

The Town Board will hold a public hearing on June 5, 2012 on a proposed new Procurement Law.

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For a better understanding of procurement issues, here are some helpful resources you may want to check out.


Opinion Pieces

How the Town spends our tax dollars

          Sets the stage for the "shop local" strategy supported by some Town Board members

Recent procurement issues andcomplying with the Open Meetings Law

          An April 25, 2012 Town Board meeting raises several disturbing questions


Town Policies and documents

Current Procurement Policy

          The policy establishes the guidelines when price quotes or bids are necessary, how emergency

          purchases are to be handled, when to use RFPs for professional services, and when and

          how to use county or state contract prices.

Year-to-date Town expenditures. Available from 2009 forward

          A listing of every invoice paid to every vendor by department and budget line.

Year-to-date vendor history. Available from 2009 forward.

          A listing of payments to every vendor, including for which department and budget line.

Annual budgets

NYS Audit Report (2010)

Corrective Action Plan (2011): The Town's response to the Audit Report


General Resources

NYS Comptroller's Office Legal Opinions

          Advisory opinions on what actions comply or do not comply with existing state laws

NYS Comptroller's Office free publications  

          A potpourri of helpful publications, from finance to environmental issues.