Some Unanswered Questions About Consolidation

As of March 20, 2011, the de-consolidation of the Town's building maintenance staff and the continued reliance on an interim head for two important departments leave several questions unanswered.

Building maintenance

1. Is anyone coordinating vacation schedules and personal leave time for the maintenance staffs in the three separate departments to ensure that all town buildings are adequately covered at all times?

2. Is anyone coordinating the ongoing cross training on the building systems for the various buildings to ensure steady and consistent maintenance when staff in one department are needed to cover buildings in other departments?

3. What experience and expertise in building maintenance issues does the Human Resources Specialist have and to what extent is she providing daily oversight of maintenance work at Town Hall and the YCCC?

4. Who is developing and overseeing preventive maintenance plans for each building?

5. Who is in charge of planning and overseeing required capital improvement projects for each building?

Environmental Conservation & Central Garage

1. Why is it taking so long for Westchester County civil service to find an appropriate title for the current interim head of the department?

2. If a support staff person is promoted to department head, will the Town Board be asked to hire a replacement support person, and if so, at what additional cost?

As answers to these questions become available, they will be added to the Yorktown  Better Government web site.