Sultana Ridge (Pool) Association



In the early 1960s, the Amawalk Realty Corporation, the developer of 65 single family homes, built a swimming pool on a 1.52 acre parcel and deeded the parcel to Sultana-Ridge, Inc. a non profit corporation ("Association").


The terms of the deed provided for the new Association to sell membership certificates to the 65 homeowners, and the individual deeds carried a similar provision that the owners, and successor owners of the property, were entitled to purchase a membership certificate in the Association.


During the Association's early years, when the original homeowners had children, and before there were two Town swimming pools, the sale of the certificates provided the Association with sufficient annual revenue to maintain and operate the pool, including paying the taxes on the property.


However, over the years, as fewer and fewer of the 65 homeowners were interested in purchasing certificates,  the Association's revenue declined because there was no requirement in the original deed that required the homeowners to purchase the certificates.  (The Association was not a "homeowners association.") Short of funds, beginning in 2008, the Association stopped paying its town, county and school taxes.


In 2011, as part of a comprehensive effort to collect several million dollars of unpaid taxes, the Town included the  Association owned parcel in a 2008 Foreclosure petition.  Under the terms of the petition, property owners could avoid foreclosure if they either paid their back taxes in full by a set deadline, or entered into an Installment Agreement with the Town to pay off the back taxes in 24 installments.  The Association did neither.


In January, 2012, at the Associatiaon's request, the  parcel was removed from the 2008 and one year later, as of January, 2013, the Town Board was still grapling with how to collect the unpaid taxes and what to do about the property.


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