Selected Town Issues

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Financial issues Sober living residences Economic development
Highway garage (Depot Square) Ethics Open Gov't/Courtesy of the Floor
Holland Sporting Club Sewers Filling board vacanices
Emergency notification Water meter program Department of Public Works
Tree Ordinance Wetlands Ordinance Miscellaneous topics
Spectra pipeline/Granite Knolls sports complex

Financial issues

Water Customers Face Double Financial Hit, February, 2016

A Graphic Look at Water District Finances, February, 2016

When Doing Nothing Costs Money (Yorktown is owned $3 million in back taxes), January, 2016

Summary of taxes owed, 2005-2013

In Rem Tax Foreclosure and its Underutilization by Towns, by Danial Pozin, Esq.

How Much Will a New $3 Million Bond Issue Cost Taxpayers?, July, 2014

$972,000 Pension Shortfall, April, 2014

Should Yorktown License Its Organic Recycling Operation?, April, 2014

     Town Board discussions

     Letter to the Edtior

See 2013 budget

Special District Taxes

Selling Town-Owned Parcels, February, 2014

Is Anyone Minding the Store? (A $712,000 insurance purchase), February, 2014

Unpaid Taxes 


Wetlands Ordinance

Suggested changes to Draft #2, (February, 2017)

Draft Ordinance #2 (December, 2016)

Comparison of current ordinance and draft #2 (by unknown author)

Tree Ordinance

Article 78 Lawsuit Challening the new Tree Law adopted 9/20/2016, December, 2016

Supervisor Grace and Councilman Bernard Misrepresent NewTree Law, October, 2016

Why Yorktown's forests are in danger, September, 2016

Protecting Yorktown's Woodlands and Trees, June, 2016

Compare the two laws

Chart comparing key features of both laws, August, 2016

Current law, Chapter 270 of Town Code, enacted 2010.

Revised proposed law for public hearing, 8-17-2015

Proposed law, draft as of 4/26/2016

Sober living residences (Compass Westchester)

Proposed new special permit for community care facility (July, 2015)

Why changes in the zoning code are needed (Memo to the Town Board, April, 2015)

Proposed changes to zoning code (Definition of family & new special permit section), April, 2015)

Should We or Shoudn't We? (The need for changes in the zoning code), March, 2015

Zoning Board determination that the use is a convalescent home as defined in the zoning ordinance (July, 2014)

Susan Siegel explains her vote on the Compass Westchester application (January, 2015)

Relocating the highway garage (Depot Square)

Setting the Record Straight on the Highway Garage Project, July, 2016

Straight Talk With Susan (half hour video highlighting concerns about the project), October, 2015

Now the Time for the Heights Revitalilzation Project?, October, 2015

Is Now The Time to Plan a Speculative $4 Million Project?, April, 2015

Opening Up a Can of Worms,  August, 2013

Phase I Environmental Study,  July, 2012

Why the Rush?, August, 2013

Water Meter Replacement Project

Findings from Phase I of the meter replacement project, June, 2015          

Water: Should Everyonoe Pay For What They Use?, September, 2013 

Economic Development

An IDA For Yorktown: What Supervisor Grace Isn't Telling Us, April, 2016

Being Realistic -- and Honest -- about Economic Development (July, 2015)

The Truth About Yorktown's Economic Development, (April, 2015)

The Myth of Being "Business Friendly." Part I & Part II   (September, 2013)

                       Documents: Town Board Business Friendly Initiatives

                                               Planning Board Commercial Applications

Spectra Pipeline & Granite Knolls sports complex

Statement in opposition to the Spectra License Agreement, May, 2015

Concept Plan for the Granite Knolls Sports Complex

September 3, 2010 press release for future of Granite Knolls parkland

Can the town do a SEQRA environmental review without a real plan? (Comments at August, 2014 Town Board meeting)

. . . and the Rest of the Story (July, 2014)

Who's to blame if the sports complex dies? (June, 2014)

Map of Algonquin pipeline in Yorktown

Granite Knolls Sports Complex/Concept Sketch


The Ethics Crisis, September, 2016

         News Release

         10 Point Pledge for a More Responsive, Transparent and Ethical Town Government

          Examples of theethics-examples.pdf  Ethics Crisis

The Ethics of Ethics Reform, April, 2016

Is Yorktown's Ethics Law Too Intrusive? June, 2013

Documents: Ethics Law. Current Financial Disclosure Form. Old Financial Disclosure Form.


How To Get Sewers: Some Advice for Homeowners on Septic Systems, October, 2012

Partial lifting of Hallocks Mill hook up moratorium, August, 2015 

Courtesy of the Floor/Open and Transparent Government

Town Board Curtails Courtesy of the Floor, January, 2016

Supervisor Grace proposes limiting public comment at Courtesy of the Floor, March, 2015

Supervisor Restricts Courtesy of the Floor at Town Board Meetings, March, 2013

Rules needed for Courtesy of the Floor.pdf , May, 2013

Can You Hear What the Town Board Is Saying?, September, 2013

Holland Sporting Club

Questions about Holland demolition, April, 2013

Filling vacancies on the Town Board

Suggested compromise for filling one seat, December 19, 2014

Emergency Notification (click link)

Department of Public Works  (click link)

Miscellaneous topics

            Are We Protecting Yorktown's Environment? (January, 2018)

Is Yorktown's Zoning Being Undermined? (August, 2017)

Shallow Creek/ Greenwood Street Recycling Facility/Granite Knolls (August, 2014 comments at Town Board meeting)

A Solution to the Supervisor Learning Curve   Issue, September, 2012. ( A rationale for hiring a town administrator)

Who Paid for the Town Board's New Shirts & Jackets? (June, 2013)

The Winery at St. George: A Nine Year History - And Still Counting  (July, 2013)

Should We Wish For More Hurricanes? or how the town pays for road paving (July, 2013) 

The Sign War: Do Lawn Signs Matter? (August, 2013)